16 évvel ezelőtt történt: EUROGI-JRC műhely az adatpolitikáról HUNAGI részvétellel

Az 1999. november 15-i amersfoorti rendezvény résztvevői számára készült az alábbi HUNAGI tájékoztató, amely áttekintést ad a HUNAGI akkori tevékenységéről és tagjairól (a magánszféra tagjainak felvételére 2000. évtől nyílt meg a lehetőség):
"For participants of the  EUROGI-EC DG JRC Workshop on Data Policy
Amersfoort, The Netherlands,  November 15, 1999"
Hungarian Association for Geo-Information  

A Forum  for Public-Private Partnership  (PPP) and Institutional Linkage
in the National, European and Global
 Spatial Data Infrastructure Development


Date of Foundation:                November 9, 1994
Date of  Court Registration: January 8, 1996 Under No. 6812
Number Of Members:            23 (as of 04/26/1999)
Legal address:   1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 25  V.ép. IV/30
Postal address:  c/o FVM FTF 1860 Budapest, Kossuth tér 11 (at the Department of Lands and Mapping, Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development)
Represented SectorsData providers, data brokers and the users in the following disciplines:
    Land Administration and Management, Surveying & Mapping and Related Standards, Remote Sensing, Geodesy and Satellite Positioning, Geography, Geographical Names, Geology, Geochemistry and Mineral Research, Plant Health Protection, Soil Conservation Services, Geospatial Information Strategy, Spatial Data Infrastructure, GI Products and Related Services, GI-related Marketing, Legal Issues and Data Policy, Public-Privat Sector Partnership, SMEs in GI Sector (represented by HUNGIS Foundation), Technology and Know-how Transfer, AM/FM, Public Administration Informatics, Urban Planning, Village Renewal, Regional Development, Rural Development, Resource and Environment Monitoring, Agricultural Informatics Information Technology and Computer Sciences, Advanced (Multimedia, Distance Learning Based) Education and Training, Internet Supported Spatial Data Services and Applications.
Budget (1998):  Balance in 1997: -126k HUF. Balance in 1998: 1697k HUF. Incomes in 1998: 280k HUF membership fees, 1000k HUF OMFB grant,, 732k HUF RAVI subcontract payment, 2913k HUF balance of the 4th EC-GIS Workshop. Expenditures: 1764k HUF EUROGI membership fee, 92k GISIG membership fee, 83k office investment, 73k HUF operational costs, 100k HUF sponsorhip of the ECO-BP’98, 988k HUF mobility (incl. cost of travels related to the EUROGI Executive Committee membership).  Additional infrastructural and mobility support had been provided by the Dept. of Lands and Mapping, Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (MARD), National Committee for Technological Development (OMFB) and HUNGIS Foundation.


The objective of the Association is to provide representation of the Hungarian GI community's interests in the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI), and to build up contacts with similar national GI associations. Moreover, HUNAGI
·     carries out actions related to the EUROGI membership and representation of its members' interest in an international context
·     establish and  forges international links in high priority GI issues such as education, research and development, networking, applications and co-ordinated joint actions,
·     distributes information to international organisations, participants of conferences, symposia and workshops about HUNAGI's activities according to the interest of the members, with special emphasis on the development of the Hungarian GI related infrastructure, service and applications,
·     collects information on GI related applications, developments and trends via European institutions and organisations,
·     supports GI related international events in Hungary and provides representation on conferences and exhibitions abroad,
·     promotes and supports the services provided by its members such as the Hungarian GIS Market Survey, or via exhibitions, conferences, workshops and meetings,
·     maintains a column entitled "European Connections" in the journal TÉRINFORMATIKA, and provides regularly news in GEOMATIKA and GEODÉZIA ÉS KARTOGRÁFIA.


(Homepage maintained by the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography
and Remote Sensing FÖMI)
Introduction of the Association (H1)
Aims and Scope of the Association (H2)
Members and Membership (H3)
Classified Documents (H4)
                  Selected HUNAGI documents (H41)
Selected National GI Issues (H42)
                  Selected European GI Issues (H43)
                  Selected Global GI Issues (H44)
HUNAGI activities (H5)
Projects (H511), Presentations(H512), EUROGI(H513), Workshops (H514), Conferences(H515), Cooperations (H516), Publications(H517)
Térinformatika rovat (In Hungarian) (H52)
                  1995 (H521), 1996 (H522),  1997(H523), 1998(H524)
                  References and links (H53)
                  Forthcoming events (H54)
Ó HUNAGI, 1999
Last update: March, 1999 
Webmaster: Tibor Király (FÖMI)
Editor: Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp (MARD)
Remarks, suggestions or for more information please contact:
gabor.remetey@fvm.hu or  hunagi@hotmail.hu
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Hungarian GIS Market Survey'97  A HUNAGI-HUNGIS publication edited and published by Bonaventura Ltd by Sz.Szabó (in English, under the auspices of the former State Secretary responsible for the European accession at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreworded by Martin Littlejohn of DG XIII E-2 of the European Commission.)
Facing the Challenge of the EU Accession – the emerging role of GI and RS technologies. Proceeings of the 4th EC GIS Workshop Budapest, June 1998
HUNAGI's Activities. In: Hungarian GIS Sourcebook 1998, Sz.Szabó (Ed.). HUNGIS Foundation, Budapest November, 1998 (in Hungarian)
Regular column in Hungarian GI journal: "European Connections" in TÉRINFORMATIKA published by Bonaventura Plc. Budapest. News in the Monthly “Geodézia és Kartográfia”, Budapest


Agricultural Science Faculty, University of Agricultural Sciences at Debrecen
Dr.Miklós Herdon,  representative
H-4032 Debrecen, Böszörményi út 138
voice: +36(52) 347 888, fax: +36(52) 413 385,
:: herdon@date.hu

gita Hungary
Geospatial Information & Technology Association
Dr. László  Csemniczky, president
H-1111 Budapest Műegyetem rkp 3 Kmf.16,  postal address: H-1615 Budapest P.O.Box 187
VOICE: +36(1) 463 1146,  fax: +36 (1) 463 3209
:: gita@mail.datanet.hu       www.gita.hu

Capital Plant Health  and Soil Protection Station
Dr.László  Szalai representative
H-1118 Budapest, Budaörsi ut 141-145
voice: +36(1)  309-1045, fax: +36(1) 246-2942,
:: novved@bendeguz.elender.hu

College on Surveying and Land Management, Sopron University
Prof.Dr.Béla Márkus,  representative
H-8000Székesfehérvár Pirosalma u. 6, postal address: H-8002 Székesfehérvár Pf. 52
voice: +36(22) 315 125, (22) 348 271, fax:  +36(22) 327 697,
:: mb@geo.cslm. hu

Dennis Gabor Foundation
Prof Dr.Sándor Sélinger, president
RO-3400 Cluj - Romania Of.P.5, C.P. 737
 voice: +40 64-420-454, fax: +40 64-420-454,
:: selinger@gdf.org.soroscj.ro

Dept of Physical Geography, József Attila University of Sciences
Prof. dr.Gábor Mezősi,  representative
H-6722 Szeged Egyetem u. 2
 voice: +36(62) 454 156, fax: +36(62) 454 000,
:: laci@earth.geo.u-szeged.hu

Department of Photogrammetry, Budapest Technical University
dr. Gábor Mélykúti, Asst. Prof.
H-1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3
voice: +36(1) 463-1187, fax:  +36(1) 463-3084,
:: gmelykuti@epito.bme.hu

Geological Institute of Hungary
Gábor Turczi (GIS),  Péter Kardeván (RS),  representatives
postal address: H-1442 Budapest P.O.Box 106
voice: +36 (1) 220 6194, 251 1768 fax: +36(1) 251 0703,
:: turczi@mafi.hu, kardevan@ind.eunet.hu, roth@mafi.hu

GRID Budapest                      
Pál Bozó, director,
GRID Budapest, Ministry of Environment and Regional Policy
H-1016 Budapest, Fő u. 44-50
voice: +36(1) 457-3369, fax:+36(1) 201-4361,
:: gridbp@kik.ktm.hu  www.gridbp.meh.hu

Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association (HUNGARNET Association)
Miklós Nagy, representative
H-1132 Budapest Victor Hugo u. 18-22
voice: +36(1)349-7987, fax: +36(1)270-9650,
:: h11nag@ella.hu

Hungarian Geographical Society
Prof.dr. Ádám  Kertész, representative
H-1118 Budapest Budaörsi út 43-45
voice/fax: +36(1)309-2686,
:: h3978ker@ella.hu, kertesza@helka.iif.hu

Hungarian Association for Settlement and Regional Development
Miklós Vásárhelyi, representative
c/o TÁKISZ H-7633 Pécs Szigeti u 33/a
voice: +36(72)313-711, fax: +36(72)313-048,
:: bar@pannet.itb.hu

Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing
Prof.dr. Ákos Detrekői, president
H-1027 Budapest Fő u. 68
voice: +36(1)2021456, 4631187, fax: +36(1)3561215, 4633084, :: adetrekoi@epito.bme.hu

Hungarian Space Office       URL: http://gis.elte.hu/hun4.html
Dr.Előd Both, director
H-1052 Budapest Szervita tér 8
voice: +36(1)317-8717, fax: +36(1)318-7998,
:: elod.both@omfb.x400gw.itb.hu

Hungarian Urbanistical Society (pending)
Gábor Paksy,  representative
H-1016 Budapest Gellérthegy u. 30-32 postal address: H-1253 Budapest P.O.Box 20
voice: +36(1)356 8202, fax: +36(1)356 8003,
:: vati@mail.datanet.hu

HUNGIS Foundation
Dr. Rezső Berencei, managing director
H-1243 Budapest P.O.Box 718
voice: +36(1)356 6794, fax: +36(1)356 6794,

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI)
Pál  Lévai,  representative
1373 Budapest Pf. 546
 voice: +36 (30) 228 029, (1) 222 5116, fax: +36 (1) 222 5117,
:: levai@fomigate.fomi.hu

John v. Neumann Society for Computing Sciences
Miklós Havass,  past-president
H-1054 Budapest Báthory u.16
voice: +36(1)332-9349, fax : +36(1)331-8140,
:: havass@rt.szamalk.hu

Mapping Agency of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces
István Kádár,  representative
postal address: H-1525 Budapest 114 P.O.Box 37
 voice: +36(1) 212 2786, fax: +36(1) 212 4390

Office of the Prime Minister, Secretariat of the Under Secretary of Informatics
Zsolt  Sikolya,  representative
H-1054 Budapest Kossuth tér 6
 voice: +36(1) 268 3336, fax: +36(1) 268 3322,
:: sikolya@ itb.hu

Union of the Hungarian Public Administration Informatics
János Bodnár, president
H-4400 Nyíregyháza Kossuth t.1
voice: +36(42) 314724, fax: +36(42) 314724,
:: zoz@hotmail.com

Hungarian Federation of Agroinformatics (MAGISZ)
László Pitlik Secretary General
c/o Agricultural University Gödöllő
Department of Agroinformatics
H-2103 Gödöllő  Pater K. u. 1,
voice: +36(28) 410-200/2015 fax: +36(28) 410-804
:: pitlik@interm.gtk.gau.hu       http://interm.gau.hu/magisz

zsolt Barkóczy, representative.
H- 1253 Budapest POBox 20
voice: +36(1) 356 820 fax: +36(1) 356 8003
:: zsbarkoczi@vati.ktm.hu


President and Chairman of the Board
Miklós Havass
H-1115 Budapest Etele u. 68,
voice: +36(1)203 0285, fax : +36(1)203 0349
:: havass@rt.szamalk.hu

Secretary General
Dr.Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp
street address: c/o Depts. of Lands and Mapping, Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (FVM FTF),
H-1055 Budapest Kossuth tér 11, Room 431 postal address: c/o FVM FTF H-1860 Budapest 55 POBox1
voice:  +36(1) 301-4052 fax:  +36(1) 301-4691,
:: gabor.remetey@fvm.hu,        :: hunagi@hotmail.hu


According to the membership policy, members can be voluntary societies, scientific organisations, companies, local and central governmental institutions, NGOs, foundations, or educational institutions. All members must  accept  the Statute, and must be accepted as members by the Plenary Assembly. The annual membership fees for economic societies, data suppliers, consultancy providers and other legal entities are 35,000 HUF (134 EURO)  and  14,000 HUF (54 EURO)  respectively. Sponsoring members are welcomed. The General Assembly also appreciates donations and contributions, whereupon the scope of the support will be defined in an agreement.


·     Elected to membership at the EUROGI General Board Meeting held in The Hague. (March)
·     Intensive support of the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Conference and Exhibition via international arrangements.
·     EC DGXIII Deputy Director General Mr.Paragon-Collada welcomes HUNAGI's aims and activity
·     HUNAGI invited EC DGXIII to exhibit and demonstrate some of the EU IMPACT 2 GIS prototype products at GIS/LIS'96 (June)
·     HUNAGI active participation at GISIG's WELL-GIS Workshop in Budapest (June)
·     HUNAGI FORUM for experts from 22 countries co-chaired by experts of EC DGXIII and CMI (June)
·     EC DGXIII has invited HUNAGI to the discussion of the European GI Infrastructure "GI2000"
·     EUROGI (M.Brand) - DDGI (K.Barwinski)- HUNAGI (Havass M.) summit, hosted by the OMFB (Bottka S.) in Budapest (September)
·     Introducing GI2000 and its message at the 5th National GIS Conference in Szolnok (September)
·     Support of EUROSTAT/CESD survey in Hungary on GIS/Remote Sensing applications in statistics (October)
·     HUNAGI participates actively at the Advanced  Education Special Interest Committee Meeting (AESICC) held in Sopron (October)
·     As joint action of HUNAGI and the HUNGIS Foundation, the Hungarian GIS Market Survey'95 was published under the auspices of Mike Brand, President of EUROGI
·     3rd General Assembly of HUNAGI devoted to the legal establishment. Recommendation on the establishment of the National GI Infrastructure Network (November)
·     Joint Meeting on Copyright  issues in GIS with the Industrial Legal Protection Society (December)


·     Co-organiser, Conference on GIS in Regional Developments hosted by the Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences (DATE) in Debrecen, (January)
·     Preparation of the first meeting with the delegation of Geomatics Canada involving the MoA DLM, Geological Office, National Forestry Office, Hung. Space Office, FÖMI and HUNGIS Foundation, as well as the Hungarian Society for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing. In Budapest. (February)
·     Participation, EUROGI's General Board Meeting at EC DG XIII (March)
·     Active participation at the 2nd JEC-GI in Barcelona. HUNAGI presentation: "GI Policy To Support Harmosisation with the EU in Hungary" in the session chaired by Prof.Ian Masser president of the European Science Foundation.
·     Organisation of the 2nd HUNAGI Forum with active participation of  EUROGI, European Science Foundation, Know Edge, Intergraph Central Europe, Geometria, Dutch Cadastre, DBL(USA), SNI, GISIG and others.
·     Basic support of GIS/LIS'96 Central Europe by inviting top experts such as Profs. P.Dale (President, FIG) and G.Konecny (Chairman, EARSeL/Vice President ISPRS), B.Kok (Vice-president, EUROGI, President RAVI), I.Masser (President, ESF), T.Bogaerts (President, UDMS), Ch.Chenez (Secretary General, EUROGI), F.Hegyi (WG Chairman, ISPRS), P.Blankenbourg, (Representative, EC DG I Phare Operation Service), M.Konecny (Vice President, ICA), Nick Land (Ordnance Survey) J.Vazquez-Caro (World Bank) and others.
·     Support of the WELL-GIS Workshop of the Copernicus project driven by GISIG in Budapest
·     Active participation, 2nd EC-GIS hosted by GISIG in Genoa sponsored by EC DG III delivering lectures presented by GISIG members FÖMI (P.Lévai), GGKI (L.Bácsatyai) and HUNAGI (R.Waters, G.Remetey-Fülöpp)
·     HUNAGI was invited to the Panel Discussion. Recommendation for EC DGIII/JRC to host the next EC-GIS Workshop in Budapest. (As stated in the official minutes.)
·     Invitation to the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Meeting hosted by the German Umbrella Organisation for Geo-Information (DDGI) in Bonn-Königswinter. HUNAGI was selected as  one of the 80 invited organisations representating the worldwide GI community  (September)
·     Active participation, Cluj-Napoca GIS Workshop hosted by the Dennis Gabor Foundation (October)
·     Participation, International Conference on Sustainable Land Use DATE, Debrecen (December)
·     The Genoa based GISIG has subcontracted HUNAGI in frame of the EC Copernicus programme in order to contribute to the achievement of the WELL-GIS project objectives.
·     New members. The Agricultural Science Faculty of the University of Agricultural Sciences at Debrecen as well as the the Mapping Agency of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces applied for membership in December. The membership has been voted by the 4th Plenary Assembly held on December 17.


New membership applications. The Dennis Gabor Foundation, the Prime Minister's Bureau, Co-ordination Office for Informatics, the Chair of Physical Geography of the Szeged University of Sciences, the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, the Geological Institute of Hungary, the Department of Photogrammetry, Budapest Technical University, the GRID Budapest KTM as well as the Capital Plant Health and Soil Protection Service and the Hungarian Federation for Agroinformatics have successfully applied for membership.
·     Participation in the preparation of the 7th Földfoto Conference on Earth Observation organised by the Hungarian Astronautical Society at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (March)
·     Providing session chairmanship, active participation of the International Meeting on "Administrative Boundary Data Service in the CEE Countries" organised jointly by OMFB, Budapest and the European Commission DG III, XIII and DG XVI. Issuing supportive Letter of Intent for the ABDS Project Proposal.
·     Support of the Frank-Meixner Report on Current GI Police Issues prepared for the European Commission by the kind invitation of Prof. David Rhind, Director General of the Ordnance survey (UK). Participation by submission of comments and suggestions of  Hungarian GI market players.
·     Participation of the 1997 EUROGI General Board Meeting held at European Commission  DGXIII.
·     Introduction of HUNAGI at the FAO High-level Technical Seminar devoted to "Private and Public sector Co-operation in National Land Tenure Development" held in Bertinoro (Forli), Italy, (April)
·     Presentation entitled National GI association in a transient country: the Hungarian case in the Session Education and Awareness at the JEC-GI Conference held in Vienna organised by EGIS
·     Sharing HUNAGI's experiences with participants of the GISIG General Board Meeting (in Vienna), delivering a lecture.
·     Participation of OLLO 2000 Tempus Project Proposal Meeting with SE FFFK, University of East London, UNIGIS, Technical University Bucarest on Know-how Transfer in Land Management in Székesfehérvár (April)
·     Participation, EURISY Colloquium on the theme "Earth Observation and the Environment: Benefits for Central and Eastern European Countries" with presence of Prof. Herbert Curien former Minister of Science and Technology, France and  Károly Lotz Minister for Transportation, Communication and Water Management, Hungary held in Budapest (May)
·     Organisational support of the 25th International Symposium on Land Use Policy for Specific Applications organised by the European Faculty of Land Use and Development (Strasbourg) hosted by SE FFFK, Székesfehérvár (May)
·     HUNAGI paper on "Recent developments in promotion and use of GI in Hungary" accepted for the Session "GIS in Central and Eastern Europe" by the 3rd EC-GIS Workshop in Leuven (June). HUNAGI officer was invited to chair a session devoted to "Future of GIS Research and Technology Development" as well as to take part in the panel discussion of the closing session.
·     Data provision for the GEOWEB project lead by Scott Conseil (Toulouse) under the INFO2000 programme (EC DGXIII)
·     Study completed for GISIG on "GI Networking in Hungary" in frame of the EU Copernicus Programme
·     HUNAGI was accepted to host the 4th EC-GIS Workshop in Budapest (June 24-26, 1998) Preparation has been started in co-operation with the EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra. Announcement was made at the Plenary Session of the 3rd EC GIS Workshop held in Leuven, Belgium
·     Commissioned by the Mapping Agency of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces, a preparatory study on the Hungarian Topographic Programme was completed by a HUNGIS Foundation team chaired by Prof. Ákos Detrekői, with members representing the home defence and civil mapping agencies, the Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing as well as the Department of Photogrammetry, Budapest Technical University. Today, all these participating organisations/institutions are members of HUNAGI.
·     Participating in the international "Administrative Boundary Data Service" Project Initiative of OMFB Hungary
·     2nd HUNAGI-DDGI Meeting at Presidential Level (DDGI President Klaus Barwinski – accompained by Géza Apagyi, Head of the Hungarian Mapping Agency, visited Miklós Havass in Budapest). The German Umbrella Organisation for Geo-Information is one of the strongest National GI Associations in the World. (July)
·     Based on HUNAGI initiative, heads of the civil and home defence mapping agencies as well as HUNGIS Foundation and HUNAGI hold their first discussion meeting hosted by M. Havass on the subject "Copyright and Commercialisation issues in GIS Data, Products and Services" on 1st September. The setup of the strategy and workplan principles was agreed, and a comprehensive listing of  relevant CERCO, EUROGI and other documents have been recommended for analysis.
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed in International Advisory Board Meeting of the EC DG I on the PHARE Project "Computerisation of the Land Offices" chaired by Prof. Theo Bogaerts at MoA, Budapest.
·     HUNAGI member SE FFFK participates the PRONET/CCE  project on Multimedia Computer Based On-line Training and Support Service for Professionals in Countries of Central Europe - lead by ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands (since June, 1997)
·     Prof. Béla Márkus and the Secretary General of HUNAGI have been invited by the European Science Foundation to Strasbourg between 14-17 September 1997, to actively take part in the GISDATA Final Conference "Geographic Information Research at the Millennium" attended by 100 selected experts (four of them from the CEE countries) and also by some Members of the European Parliament.
·     Recommended by EUROGI President Mike Brand, HUNAGI was selected as one of the 100 invited experts and organisations of about 40 countries representating the worldwide GI community at the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference for a Sustainable Development. This will be held at the oldest US public university in Chapel Hill, hosted by Governor Gary K.Hunt (NC) under the auspices of Secretary Bruce Babbitt (US Department of Interior ) and EU Commissioner Martin Bangemann. The participation fee is sponsored generously by Geometria GIS Systems House Ltd.
·     HUNAGI reviewed regularly the content of the Journal for Spatial Information and Decision Making entitled GIS (Wichmann, Karlsruhe) for the readers of the Hungarian Monthly GEOMATIKA
·     HUNAGI has updated its records in the CORDIS database (COmmunity Research and Development Information System of the European Commission)
·     HUNAGI members FÖMI and SE FFFK took part in the elaboration of the European GIS-related  project proposals entitled Administrative Boundary Data Services (ABDS) for the CEE Countries as well as Water GIS and PANEL-GIS orchestrated by OMFB, Hungary and GISIG, Italy respectively.
·     On behalf of HUNAGI, Deputy Head of the MH TEHI (Mapping Agency of the Home Defence Forces) participated the GEOINFO SLOVAKIA'97  International Conference and Exhibition held in Bratislava, 24-26 September 1997.
·     As "Public-Private Partnership in Spatial Data Infrastructure Development" HUNAGI was introduced to member country delegations via leaflets at the Plenary Assembly of MEGRIN and CERCO in Nicosia, 22-24 September, as well as at the Domestic GIS Conference held in Szolnok, September 24-26, 1997
·     HUNAGI member HUNGIS Foundation, took part in the elaboration of the document "GI development and use in the Public Administration" for the Working Group for GI of the Coordination Office of the Prime Minister's Office.
·     Promotional activity is provided by HUNAGI on a continuous basis to call the attention of the international GI community on the ECO-BP'98 which will be held in Budapest, September 1-4, 1998. This mid-term Symposium and Exhibition of the ISPRS Commission VII has the following topics: Resource and Environment Monitoring - Local, Regional, Global
·     HUNAGI participates at the Workshop on GIS, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 8-10 October, 1997. Topics of the presentation: "Land consolidation and rural development - proposed model for collaboration of land offices and municipalities".
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed among the participants of the Expert Meeting of the European Commission ACE Project on the Land Market in the Central and Eastern European Countries lead by Richard Baldwin, hosted by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre in Prague, October 24-25, 1997.
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed in the United Nations European Economic Commission's Meeting of Officials on Land Administration (ECE MOLA) held in Warsaw with support of the European Commission, hosted by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography. (October 24-29, 1997)
·     As an action of HUNAGI, the Hungarian GIS Market Survey'97 will be foreworded by Martin Littlejohn of the European Commission, manager of the INFO2000 programme.
·     David Schell, President of the Open GIS Consortium has invited one or more of HUNAGI's academic member(s) to join the OGC and participate the first OGIS European Conference, which will be held in Strasbourg. This message has been forwarded to the Chair of Photogrammetry, Budapest Technical University and the Sopron University's College on Surveying and Land Management for further actions.
·     The just established Hungarian Federation of Agroinformatics and HUNAGI have decided to be member of each others organisation. This administrative action is planned for the 4th quarter 1997. HUNAGI is one of the 38 founder institution of the Federation.
·     HUNAGI activities were presented for and discussed by the Board of Trustees, HUNGIS Foundation (October)
·     Via EUROGI, some of HUNAGI's members got the opportunity to express their interest to participate as users in the ongoing or planned projects of Telematics Programmes of the European Commission.
·     Information on HUNAGI was distributed during the Expert Study Tour of the TEMPUS Joint Cooperation Project S-09459-95 (OLLO - Distance Learning Programme for the Land Offices in Hungary) lead by B.Márkus of  SE FFFK to the University  East London, RICS and Ordnance Survey  (November 12-16, 1997).
·     EUROGI Vice President Bas Kok  asked HUNAGI on November 17, 1997 to take part in a European survey on existing legal environment in the context of commercialisation of GI. The invited countries are as follows: United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, the Nordic Countries and Hungary. The leader of the team of national coordinators will be a member of the Legal Advisory Board to the European Commission DG XIII. The written invitation is underway.
·     The top US GPS manufacturer Ashtech has formally expressed its interest to organise a Seminar on Advances in Satellite Positioning hosted by HUNAGI early next year.
·     Initiated and arranged by the Geological Institute of Hungary (MÁFI), a member of HUNAGI, the International Workshop on Aerial Remote Sensing will be supported by ISPRS Commission III (Theory and Algorithms) and VII (Resource and Environmental Monitoring). The date and venue: 19-20 February, 1997, Budapest, under the auspice of J.Horváth, Under State Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, and J.Nyíri, President of the sponsoring organisation State Committee for Technological Development.
·     HUNAGI held its 5th Plenary Assembly on 25th November 1997. 8 institutions have been unanimously accepted as member.
·     HUNAGI was invited to take part in the elaboration of the National Spatial Data Strategy orchestrated by the Prime Minister’s Bureau, Coordination Office for Informatics. Primary contractor is the HUNGIS Foundation.
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed at the Swiss-Hungarian Know-how transfer Seminar on Cadastral Reform hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, on December 11, 1997.
·     Attended by HUNAGI representatives, flyer and other promotional materials were distributed at the International Symposium of Spectral Sensing Research held in San Diego CA on December 12-19, 1997.


·     The Call for Opportunities in Telematics Programme issued by EC DGVII on GISCO dataset updates was received by HUNAGI via EUROGI.  Decision was made by representatives of HUNAGI, FOMI and the ABDS Consortium to take part in the competition on January 8, 1998. Due to lack of submission partner, the proposal never reached the DG VII.
·     Summit of Presidents of the Austrian Society of Surveying and Geo-information (A.Hochwartner), the Hungarian Society for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (Á.Detrekői) as well as the Hungarian Association for Geo-Information was arranged to take place in Budapest in the offices of HUNAGI President M.Havass on 13 January, 1998. The Austrian delegation lead by President A.Hochwartner, also paid a  visit also to L.Jójárt, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and G.Apagyi, Director General of  the Ministry's Department of Lands and Mapping, MoA as well as academician Á.Detrekői, Rector of the Budapest Technical University.
·     International Advisory Board members met the modul developers for a strategic discussion on the possible follow-on actions of the TEMPUS supported Distance learning programme devoted to the Land Office personnel. The novel education programme is a joint development of the University of East London,, the Leuven Catholic University, University of Veszprem and the GI Department of College of Surveying and  Land Management of the University of Forestry at Székesfehérvár on Jan 17.
·     Exams in English after the first 2 and a half years long UNIGIS Course at the College of Surveying and  Land Management of the University of Forestry at Székesfehérvár were taken on 23rd January. Twelve students have received their certificate in presence of UNIGIS President Prof. Jim Petch (UK).
·     Representatives of GISIG (Italy), FÖMI, the National Committee for Technological Development and HUNAGI have discussed their work plan related to international GI project proposals and concerted actions such as UNIPHORM, PANEL GI and WATER GIS in Budapest on 26th January.
·     Working luncheon was arranged for HUNAGI by the Consul of the Canadian Embassy in Budapest on 4th February, 1998. The objective was to exchange of views on the possible ways, how to strengthen the Canadian-Hungarian commercial and institutional connections in GI.
·     Early February, the Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety of the Joint Research Centre has officially informed HUNAGI on the venue and date of the 4th EC GIS Workshop to be hosted by HUNAGI between June 24-26, 1998. According to agreement, all HUNAGI member representatives (including some potential new members and GIS-VIPs) have received formal invitation for this closed shop event of the European Commission.
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed at the Steering Committee Meeting of the Officials of Land Administrations under the auspice of the United Nations European Economic Commission hosted by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre in Prague on February 14-17.
·     HUNAGI was asked to give an introduction on recent activities on the Meeting of Curators of HUNGIS Foundation hosted by Geometria GIS System House on February 18.
·     By request, web editor of the White House submitted the text of Al Gore’s cybertalk on the „Digital Earth”, a vision of a high tech heaven for the year 2020. The text was distributed for HUNAGI members and for the GI media community for further dissemination. The text was received also via EUROGI.
·     HUNAGI was introduced for participants of the Preparatory Meeting of the World Bank International Conference on Property Rights hosted by World Bank’s Hungarian Office late March. The importance of geo-referencing (cadastre), property inventory (land registration) and time stamping was underline on the video conference held with the World Bank Washington based Headquarters. This promotion activity was also mentioned in the GI2000 web discussion forum moderated by Roger Longhorn.
·     HUNAGI flyer was distributed at the ISPRS Inter-commission Workshop on GIS, Aerial Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Clearinghouse. The event organised by the Geological Institute of Hungary (member of HUNAGI) was held in Budapest between 19-20 February, 1998, with support of the National Committee for Technological Development. Based on the agreement between ISPRS Commission Presidents Prof.Toni Schenk and G.Remetey-Fülöpp, approved by the Council, the event was registered as official inter-commission event of ISPRS. Dr. Beáta Csathó of the Ohio State University and dr. Erzsébet Merényi of the University of Arizona in Tucson, both officers of the ISPRS Commission III, as well as experts from the USGS, Finland, UK, Germany and Austria were represented the international expert community. Sponsored by the US- Hungarian Science Technology Joint Fund, the event was hosted by the Geological Institute of Hungary, Hungarian Geological Survey (MÁFI). The workshop dealt with issues related to geospatial databases, state-of-the-art of tools and methods including photogrammetry, remote sensing, airborne geophysics, multispectral, hyperspectral sensors and methods, geophysical and geological interpretation methods as well as multiple sensor integration. Dr. Péter Kardeván principal project scientist has submitted an in-depth report on the workshop to ISPRS Highlights for publication
·     HUNAGI was invited to the Workshop devoted to On-line/off-line data services supporting regional/territorial developments organised by the National Committee for Technological Development in cooperation with DG III, XIII and DG XVI of the European Commission held in Debrecen, 4th March.
·     Over 190 abstracts from nearly 40 countries have been registered to be presented on the ECO-BP'98, the official mid-term Symposium of the Commission VII of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing devoted to 'Resource and Environment Monitoring' to be held in Budapest, 1-4 September 1998. The Symposium Director is P.Winkler of FÖMI, under the auspice of the Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, both members of HUNAGI. The 3rd  More information on the event and follow-on actions can be accessed via http://www.hegyi.com/isprsc7
·     HUNAGI was invited to present its activities at the Member’s and Observer’s Day of EUROGI General Board Meeting held at EC DG XIII in Luxembourg-Gasperich, 16-17 March. As liasion officer between ISPRS and EUROGI G.Remetey held an introductory presentation  also on the organisation and activities of  ISPRS.
·     HUNAGI has been elected to be member in the Executive Committee of EUROGI for the next two years. The Executive Committee consists of Mike Brand, President of EUROGI, Jean-Claude Lummaux President of AFIGEO, Jarmo Ratia, President of CERCO, Klaus Schüller of DDGI, Antonio Fernandez Perez de Talens, President of AM/FM-Italy, Ian Masser of AGI, Kari Strande of NKTF and Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp of HUNAGI. The new Executive Committee will held its first meeting in Marne-la-Vallée, 18 May.
·     HUNAGI was invited by project manager A.Fernandez Perez de Talens to take part in the BEGIN „Building the European Geo-information Interoperable Network”, an ESPRIT program co-ordinated by EUROGI.
·     HUNAGI was invited by EUROGI to lead a Panel Discussion at the Meeting of the ESMI „European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure” held in Lisbon, in May. The Aim of the ESMI project is to create an European spatial metadata infrastructure by providing mechanisms to link spatial data users with metadata services and providers using Internet. ESMI partners are GEODAN (co-ordinator, NL), CNIG (Portugal), EUROGI, MEGRIN, LISITT, University of Valencia (Spain). EUROGI’s activities will be the organisation of panel discussions on the running ESMI (involving the secretariat of RAVI), promotion and awareness of ESMI and product marketing.
·     HUNAGI completed the study contracted by RAVI on „Commercialisation of GI in Hungary”. The document (written by active co-operation of many HUNAGI members) was used by Prof.Bing of the Legal Advisory Board of EC DG XIII in a Six country survey on Commercialisation of GI including UK, France, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and Hungary. The final discussion of the material was held in Marne-la-Vallée (at Headquarters of EUROGI) on 19 May.
·     The European Commission has accepted the project proposal PANEL-GI „Pan European Link for Geographic Information” for support. Coordinated by GISIG of Italy and having participants from 5 EU member states and from 5 CE countries, the project proposal was submitted in frame of the INCO-COPERNICUS – concerted actions. By invitation, the kick-off meeting held at the DG III in Brussels was participated by U.Boes (DG III), G.Saio (overall coordinator, GISIG), A.Annoni (JRC SAI), M.Konecny (Masaryk University), A.Frank (TU Vienna), Ch.Chenez (EUROGI) and G.Remetey (scientific co-ordinator, HUNAGI).
·     The ABDS for the CEEC „Administrative Boundary Data Services for the Central and Eastern European Countries” INCO-COPERNICUS project proposal was favourable evaluated by the European Commission in the 4th Framework Programme (4FP, 1994-98). The project co-ordinated by Szabolcs Mihály, director of FÖMI has collaborators from e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Hungary. In Hungary the following institutions, companies and associations are participating already the project co-ordinated by FÖMI: Prime Minister’s Office, Mapping Agency of Hungarian Home Defence Forces, Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Hungarian Public Utility for Regional Development and Town Planning as well as HUNAGI.
·     FÖMI and HUNAGI have actively participated the preparatory R+TD discussion meeting organised by Vice President S. Bottka and Senior Advisor Vilmos Bognár of the National Committee for Technological Development on 20th April with project managers having success in the 4th Framework Programme or with INCO-COPERNICUS project proposals. The views were also highlighted and discussed at the ESPRIT Information Day (Budapest, 8th May 1998) devoted to the last Call for Proposals in the 4FP. The present status of the 5FP (Fifth Framework Programme) was also introduced with special emphasis on the options for the Central and Eastern European countries. ( http://www.cordis.lu/esprit/src/eitcist.htm)
·     HUNAGI representative in the Executive Committee of the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information was elected as Treasurer of EUROGI.
·     Budapest hosted the 4th EC GIS Workshop. The event was organised and prepared by DG JRC ISIS of the European Commission in co-operation with HUNAGI. Among EC DG III funded GIS projects, lectures were delivered by representatives of the Open GI Consortium, EUROGI, AGILE, GISIG, GEIXS, DG III and DG XIII. The number of participants was over 120. The Hungarian presentations focused on ongoing large programmes such as the Information Society Technologies, National Geospatial Data Strategy related supporting actions, the IT development of the Land Offices,  the GIS/RS impact of challenges related to the EU accession, applications in regional planning, standardisation, as well as exhibition reflecting the results in mapping (DTA-50), agricultural (CROPMON) and environmental monitoring (CORINE), land consolidation (TAMA) touch-screen and map- based Tourist Information System. A well attended press conference was also a highlight of the public relation actions.
·     The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative’s Executive Committee has the following members from Europe:
Michael Brand, President of EUROGI,
Prof.Ian Masser AGI/ITC
Jean Poulit, General Director, IGN France
·     By invitation of GSDI Executive Committee Chair Ms. Jane S.Patterson, Europe is represented in  the Advisory Board of the Steering Committee of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure as follows:
K.Barwinski DDGI, Germany
A. Fernandez de Talens AM/FM Italy
H. Graeff  Fraunhoffer Institute Germany
M. Littlejohn EC
R. McLaren Know Edge, UK
O. Ostensen ISO TC 211 Norway
J. Ratia CERCO
G.Remetey-Fülöpp HUNAGI
D.Rhind UK
F. Salgé IGN France
H. Weber Germany
·     Column on “European Connections” was published in the September Issue of Térinformatika
·     The kick-off meeting of the PANEL-GI Pan-European project
was be held in Brno, Czech Republic on 29 June, 1998. Represented by Pál Lévai of FÖMI, HUNAGI was introduced via its home page using Internet access.
·     Paper entitled Hungary sets its National Spatial Data Strategy (written by Zs.Sikolya-G.Remetey) was submitted for the OIS Newsletter Washington DC as invited paper. 
·       The EC document entitled “A Strategic View of GIS Research and Technology Development for Europe”  edited by Alison Munro of JRC SAI’s Environment and Geo-Information Unit, was published recently (having also some contributions made by G.Remetey-Fülöpp of HUNAGI). The vision statement of the document  refers Robin Waters, extracting from his paper he contributed to the 4th European Commission GIS Workshop hosted by HUNAGI in Budapest between 24-26 June, 1998. Robin Waters, long time senior technical advisor in different Hungarian GI-related Phare programmes says: “GI infrastructure for Europe should enable public and private sector users to access appropriate levels of up to date topographic and thematic spatial information in an interoperable environment at a reasonable cost within a single, easily understood legal framework covering copyright and confidentality. The data collected from synoptic systems (remote sensing) may be centralised but the data collected in individual countries should be coordinated under the subsidiarity principle.”
·     Study trip was arranged by HUNAGI in association with the NC-NRW-HU sistership agreement preparation on IT co-operation. A detailed programme was compiled for Zsolt Nagy of the State Planning Office of North Carolina including visits at MTESZ, HUNAGI, Director General of the Department of Lands and Mapping, Ministry of Agriculture, Deputy managing President of the National Committee for Technological Development, VÁTI GI Lab, FÖMI Remote Sensing Centre, the Rector and the Centre of  Informatics of the Budapest Technical University, the Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Home Defence as well as the ISPRS Symposium held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
·      Sponsorned also by HUNAGI, the Symposium of the ISPRS Technical Commission VII, referred also as ECO BP’98 was held in Budapest from 1-4 September 1998 devoted to Resources and Environmental Monitoring. The event attracted 196 registered participants from 33 countries of 5 continents (35 only from Hungary). Moreover 62 invited Hungarian senior decision makers and additional 59 professional visitors were attended the open day devoted to commercial exhibitions and presentations. From the scientific point of view ECO BP’98 was a great success.  Major application areas where novel research and technology development methodology were applied include hyperspectral sensing, environmental risk and/or site analysis, global, regional and local monitoring as well as assessments related to sustainable developments. The synergetic integrated use of RS and GIS technologies was the case in the majority of applications. Major events of the symposium include UNISPACE III Preparatory Forum, EARSeL session, GI for All (the theme of the next ISPRS Congress will be held in Amsterdam, July 2000). The scientific research and application-oriented developments were presented and discussed in 26 parallel sessions (use of remote sensing e.g. in sustainable development, global monitoring, geotechnical applications).
·     GIS PLANET 1998 Lisbon with PANEL-GI meeting. HUNAGI was represented by Pál Lévai of FÖMI September 7-9, 1998
·     ISPRS Council and Technical Presidents Meeting Sept 7-9, 1998 immediately after the mid-term symposium of the ISPRS Commission IV (GIS) held in Stuttgart, participated by G.Remetey
·     EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting Marne-la-Vallée,
September 21, 1998
·     HUNAGI’s contribution to the GSDI “Case study of NSDI’s in Countries in Transition – Hungary” was accepted by the Organising Program Committee. Four invited panellists will lead the discussion, namely the general directors of ANZLIS, FGDC, NGDF and Geomatics Canada.
·     HUNAGI’s Column on “European Connections”: was published in the October Issue of Térinformatika
·     ESMI presentation (Zs.Sikolya-G.Remetey) at the VIII. National GIS Conference in Szolnok on 24 September, 1998
·     ESMI expert meeting in Budapest September 28, 1998 hosted by the Prime Minister’s Office in co-operation with HUNAGI inviting METATÉR pilot project team experts and members representing MÁFI, VÁTI and FÖMI as well as EUROGI, the National Committee for Technological Development and some relevant active partners in the private sector.
·     Questionnaire was completed by the SG of HUNAGI for Harlan Onsrud (Univ of Maine) for a global survey on  NSDI/ NSDS lead by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (USA).
·     MOLA Workshop on Land Market  was officially accepted and announced by the UN ECE in early September.
·     The project concept related to the GI segment of the Integrated Administration and Control System was presented at the National Water and Land Protection Conference organised by the NGO KVIK (Environmental Protection Information Centre) on September 25, 1998
·     HUNAGI was introduced by GIM, the Journal of Geomatics published by GITC circulated worldwide.
·     3rd GIS Workshop, Cluj. October 8-9, 1998. Organised by Prof.Selinger of the Dennis Gabor Foundation, member of HUNAGI. International participation includes experts and company representatives such as HUNGIS Foundation, MTESZ and HUNAGI as well as Rudas &Karig (Tourist Information Systems and GI on Internet), Bekes(Erdas) and Landinfo(MapInfo). The event was organised third times by the Dennis Gabor Foundation with the main objectives to make promotion for the application of IT and IT based technologies with special emphasis on spatial data handling and analysis.
·     Report prepared on HUNAGI’s activities was distributed to participants of the Meeting of Curators of HUNGIS Foundation held in Szeged, 19 October 1998
·       The Annual Space Day was held in Budapest on October 20, 1998 in presence of Dr.Gerhard Haerendel, President of COSPAR, Director of the Max Planck Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik. Based on the presentation material compiled by the Technical Commission President, Peter Winkler of FÖMI presented the results of the ISPRS Symposium as prepared by G.Remetey, P.Winkler and G.Büttner. The event was hosted by the Hungarian Space Research Office (member of HUNAGI) directed by dr.Előd Both, and the Hungarian Astronautical Society under the presidency of dr.Iván Almár. It should be mentioned, the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) celebrated its 40th year in 1998.
·       HUNAGI’s hard core member Zsolt Sikolya of Prime Minister’s Office attended the 32nd ICA (International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration) Conference at Helsinki and delivered a lecture on the use of GIS technology in the government level decision making process. ICA is an international association promoting and facilitating the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on the management, organisational impact and use of information technology in national governments. It is an international forum for the support of senior management in the formulation of IT policy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government administration. Mr.Sikolya read his paper in the session „Applied Speciality Applications”. The scope of this session was to attract the attention of the experts to the recent IT trends having ever increasing role in the government administration.
·       GIS and Remote sensing content in applications related to the European integration The special session of the Annual Conference of the Database Service Providers held in Budapest on November 12, 1998 shown more high-level GI applications having remote sensing content as follow:
§  Cross-border applications in soil science (Prof.Dr.G.Várallyay et al)
§  Administrative data boundary database service for the CEE countries (Dr.S.Mihály)
§  CORINE land cover database for Hungary (G.Büttner)
§  GEIXS European Geological Information Exchange System and its Hungarian module(Dr.G.Erdélyi)
§  UNDP project on the applicability of DAIS for hyperspectral survey in Hungary (Dr.P.Kardeván et al)
§  European and Hungarian Spatial Metadata Infrastruture (Z.Sikolya – G.Remetey-Fülöpp)
§  PARCELLA – multipurpose parcel based information system (Á.Podolcsák – G.Remetey-Fülöpp)
§  Geospatial knowledge base development – experiences of European projects (Dr.B.Márkus)
§  The preparation of the ISPRS Congress in Amsterdam. The ISPRS Commission VII having Hungarian secretariat received the opportunity to organise 7 Technical Sessions related to the activities of the Working Groups. Moreover, a Commission VII Session dedicated to the Congress Theme “Geoinformation for All” was also accepted. Additional Workshops and Tutorials as well as Inter-Commission Technical Session themes have been elaborated by the WGs and were submitted to the Scientific Program Committee lead by Prof..Martien Molenaar of  ITC for approval.
§  3rd Conference on the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure. Having high level supports from top level politicians on behalf of the European Commission and the Department of Interior (USA), as well as international organisation such as the Statistical Division of the United Nations, the 3rd Conference on the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure was held in Canberra between 17-19 November. Hosted by the Australian Surveying and Land Information Group, the conference was attended by almost 100 invited experts from over 20 countries. Paved the way by Ms.Jane S.Patterson of North Carolina, Mike Brand of EUROGI and Peter Holland of AUSLIG, the event was dedicated to institutional issues related to the need for for multi-national, multi-lateral cooperation. Among the 20 presenters was HUNAGI Secretary General G.Remetey-Fülöpp who delivered a lecture entitled “Case study of NSDI in countries in transition – Hungary”. The GSDI Steering Committee under the Chairmanship of Peter Holland, Director General of AUSLIG had already made public the findings, recommendations and resolutions. The  recommendation 1 says: “The organisational model recommended for the GSDI in the long run is the umbrella organisation, which brings together regional committees, national committees, and other relevant international institutions e.g. ISO, OGC, ISCGM, ISPRS, ICA, etc. in the context of action-oriented principles of flexibility, inclusivity and simplicity.”
§  UN ECE MOLA Workshop on Land Market in Budapest. Over 120 registered participants of 20 countries have attended the first workshop of the Meetings of Officials of Land Administrations hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Republic of Hungary under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Council for Europe. Held in Budapest November 30 and December 1998 and co-organised by ISPRS member affiliation Hungarian Society for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, the Workshop discussed also the technological aspects. The use of photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS as important tool and data acquisition component have been outlined and demonstrated among others especially by Dutch, Danish, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian lecturers.
·       Participation of the  Information Society Technologies (IST) Conference. Vienna. November 30- December 2, 1998. HUNAGI was represented by Pál Lévai of FÖMI
§  Participation of the PANEL-GI Executive Committee Meeting Vienna, November 30- December 2, 1998. HUNAGI will be represented by Pál Lévai of FÖMI
§  European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure – Country Panel Workshop. The full day international meeting was attended by ESMI  project leader GEODAN, RAVI/ EUROGI, MEGRIN and OGC/TU Vienna, representatives and experts of the Hungarian Geological Institute, Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI), as well as  National Committee for Technological Development, Scriptum and GeoX plcs etc, all involved in the  development and implementation of the national spatial metadata service pilot called METATER. ESMI has selected three countries (Netherlands, Portugal and Hungary) to ensure direct feedback from the data provider, data broker and data user communities on national level. Spatial metadata services are integrated part of the nationwide  infrastructure program in all of these countries, having the aim to deliver services to citizens electronically and to serve citizens, both public and private segments with special needs in the Information Society. Hosted by the Hungarian Association for Geo-information in-co-operation with the Prime Minister’s Office in Budapest, December 2, 1998, topics as metadata standards, tools, definition of core metadata set, keywords and terminology have been discussed, ESMI and METATER demonstrations were arranged. The discussions were video transmitted using wide-band Internet to the site of the European Conference on the Information Society Infrastructure held in Vienna at the same time. Mention should be made, the ESMI project is part of the INFO2000 Program of the European Union,  participated also by the Space Application Institute of the Directorate General JRC of the European Commission, providing expertise in cataloging and servicing remotely sensed data.
§  Remote Sensing for the sustainable agriculture and rural/regional development. In the countries in transition, especially in Central and Eastern Europe in the 90’s, the privatisation of the rural lands had serious societal consequences. In Hungary, more than half of the total agricultural areas and 30% of the population were affected by ownership changes. The new pattern (shape, size and accessibility) of the agricultural parcels has been transformed in a way, which is not adequate the family farming. The Dutch consultant company DLG and some of the background institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development held a two day exchange of views and experiences in the computer assisted integrated land consolidation. The early results of the 4-year long German-Hungarian pilot project on land consolidation called TAMA were also demonstrated and discussed. TAMA Project, lead by Dr.W.D.Kneib of bfb contracted by GFA in Bonn utilized merged SPOT panchromatic and multispectral imageries for site assessments and landscape planning in 5 pilot areas. The remote sensing and GIS based Hungarian nationwide crop monitoring program (CROPMON) lead by G.Csornai, was also highlighted by L.Martinovich.
·       Miklós Havass, President of HUNAGI has received a Dennis Gabor prize.
·       HUNAGI’s 6th General Assembly was held in Budapest on December 15, 1998. Both the report on the 1998 activities and the Workplan for 1999 were unanimously accepted.
·       Invited by HUNAGI President M.Havass, an ad hoc group including V.Bognár, Z.Sikolya and G.Remetey-Fülöpp started to investigate the possible ways how to reach better  operational performances by involvement of HUNAGI’s member organisations. Recommendation will be submitted for the next General Assembly.
·      HUNAGI’s Column on “European Connections”: was published in the December Issue of Térinformatika


·     Interview with HUNAGI officers M.Havass President, and re-elected Secretary General by Miklós Varga, Editor-in-Chief of the Hungarian monthly Geomatika (Geomatics)  journal on January 5, 1999.
·       HUNAGI member organisation HUNGIS Foundation plays a leading organisational role in the Aerial Survey of Hungary program initiated by the main data service providers and supported by the National Committee of Technological Development. The first overall professional debate of the Feasibility Study was held in Budapest on 7th January 1999.
·       Co-organised by the Czech Association for Geo-Information (CAGI), the annual GIS Conference was held in Ostrava on 25-26 January, 1999.  Invited HUNAGI paper on the evolution of the Hungarian Spatial Data Infrastructure was distributed among the participants. Due to multiple schedule conflict, the authors (Zs.Sikolya, G.Remetey-Fülöpp) were unable to participate the conference.
·       Active participation of the EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting held in Marne-la-Vallée January 26, 1999.
·      HUNAGI’s Column on “European Connections”: was published in the January Issue of Térinformatika
·       HUNAGI member Mapping Agency of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces has celebrated its 80th anniversary. The ceremony was attended by State President Árpád Göncz. Managing Director of the HUNGIS Foundation dr.Rezső Berencei received a medal from the head of state.
·       HUNAGI representatives Pál Lévai and G.Remetey-Fülöpp took part on the Steering Committee meeting of the PANEL-GI project attended by representatives of DG XIII,  EUROGI, CNIG (P), Vienna Technical University, Masaryk University, MEGRIN, ICI (R), Sofia Technical University  and GEOBID (PL) in Prague early March.
·       The Steering Committee of the Administrative Boundary Database Services of  the CEE countries (ABDS)  project held its meeting in Prague hosted by the Czech Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster participated by representatives of the co-operating international and national institutions such as MEGRIN, EUROSTAT, DG XIII, DG XVI, and many more. The  project meeting, coordinated by FÖMI, was also attended by experts of the Central and Eastern European Countries. To ensure synergy, PANEL-GI experts were also invited.
·       Entitled “Land registration and cadaster - a fundement also for the Information Society”, lecture was delivered at the UN ECE MOLA Workshop hosted by the NRW Verma directed by Mr.Klaus Barwinski.  The meeting was attended by over 80 experts of  more than 20 countries.
·       HUNAGI took part the Annual General Board Meeting of the European Umbrella Organisation for Geo-Information in Luxembourg .presenting the “burning issues in Hungary” on the Member’s Day, March 22, 1999. As treasurer, HUNAGI representative has presented the EUROGI 1998 financial report and 1999 budget on 23rd March.
·       HUNAGI’s member College on Surveying and Land Management, Sopron University organised the Annual OPEN-GIS’99 in Székesfehérvár on 8-9 April, 1999, where the most important Hungarian GI-related projects and applications were highlighted involving the public and private sector’s representatives
·       HUNAGI representatives took part on the Copernicus project PANEL-GI technical meeting at the Vienna Technical University hosted by Prof.Andrew Frank in mid April.
·       “Cadastre and Land Registration – fundament also for the Information Society”. Paper presented at the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) IST Open Day organised by OMFB, Hotel Hyatt, Budapest on 23 April, 1999.
·       International Workshop on Metadata Standards and Services. organised by HUNAGI and hosted by the Prime Minister’s Office (Zsolt Sikolya). Welcomed by HUNAGI president Miklós Havass, the participants introduced the state of the art highlighting the status of the following developments and projects:
·       ISO TC211/15 Metadata
·       Addendum, narrated contributed slides: ISO TC211/15 Metadata and related STANAG developments (prepared by Dave Danko, NIMA) and FGDC: ISO Metadata Standard harmonisation and implementation (prepared by Doug Nebert and Rick Pearsal)
·       CEN TC287 (Sz.Mihály)
·       Metadata in OGC (Maurits van der Vlugt, TU Vienna)
·       GSDI Technical WG activities (G.Remetey-Fülöpp)
·       ESMI Project (Marcus Wandinger, MEGRIN)
·       The MEGRIN approach: La Clef (Marcus Wandinger)
·       The new Spanish GI exchange standard MIGRA (prepared by Rodriguez Pascual Antonio Federico. English summary: Maria Tóth)
·       The Spanish Metadata Project DIGA (prepared by Rodriguez Pascual Antonio Federico. English summary: Maria Tóth)
·       The GIPSIE project (Maurits van der Vlugt, TU Vienna)
·       Introduction of the Hungarian Metadata Project METATÉR of the major data providers (Tamás Prajczer)
·       FISH metadata services (Prof.Béla Márkus)
·       The Hungarian initiative on core spatial metadata and recommendations (Sz.Mihály, V.Bognár).
·       Fritz Rembold desk officer, Land tenure and Rural Development of FAO Subregional Center in Budapest visited dr.László Niklasz, acting director general of DLM MARD. The Land tenure policy and Regional Development are subjects of future MARD-FAO cooperations having GI content.
·       HUNAGI leaflets have been distibuted for the participants of the Preparatory Meeting of the Conference on Maintenance and Development of Property Rights (MDPR) hosted by the World Bank under the chairmanship of Jaime Vazquez-Caro in Budapest in April. Feedback from Albania was received so far. The MDPR program is a joint 3-year action of the European Commission, UN ECE MOLA and World Bank.
·       HUNAGI leaflets and copy of the IST Open Day presentation were distributed on the International Conference MDPR in Vienna, referred as the “Vienna Initiative” hosted by the Austrian Government, organised by the World Bank, UNECE MOLA and FAO. The conference paid attention to the topics Green paper “Access to public information” in the session devoted to the Information Society moderated by Ola-Kristian Hoff of the European Commission (DG XIII/E2). The ABDS Project was referred and introduced in the Hungarian presentation.
·       The ABDS and PANEL-GI Projects were referenced in the Hungarian presentation of the HCSO-MARD presentation delivered by K.Szép and G.Remetey-Fülöpp at the Workshop on Land use statistics for the CEC countries hosted by EUROSTAT under the chairmanship of  Rainer Muthman in Luxembourg on 2nd June, 1999
·       5th EC GIS Workshop Stresa, June 26-29. With contribution paper – among others - entitled “Modern Land registration and cadastre – infrastructural basis for applications in agriculture, rural and regional developments” written by L.Niklasz acting director of DLM MARD and G.Remetey-Fülöpp of HUNAGI, delivered by P.Zalaba of MARD. Distribution of leaflets on HUNAGI for the participants.
·       2nd EU Accession Workshop in the Rural Sector. Participating the World Bank-FAO high-level conference devoted to the Structural Change in the Farming Sectors of Central and Eastern Europe: Lessons and Implications for EU Accession. GI-related issues were handled and referenced in the Hungarian presentation given by G.Remetey-Fülöpp, with distribution of leaflets on HUNAGI for the EU candidate countries’ representatives. DG VI was represented by Mr.Angelo Carro-Castrillo, WB HQ by Csaba Csáki and Kevin Cleaver, FAO HQ by James Riddel, FAO SEUR by J.Suchman and F.Rembold. Warsaw, 26-29 June, 1999
·       Active participation on the Bi-annual Meeting of the Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing held in Pécs, introducing the tasks to be solved in the EU accession preparation framework called National Programme for the Adoption of Acquis Communautaire. HUNAGI and Land Consolidation-related leaflets were also distributed.
·       PRONET CE Workshop was organised by the SE FFFK (Prof.B.Márkus) for senior decision makers of the sector Agriculture and Rural Development including forestry, soil, rural development and agri-environment hosted by the Department of Lands and Mapping of MARD on 12 July, 1999. The subject was how to disseminate GIS knowledge in lifelong learning basis for the civil servants. HUNAGI viewpoint was also highlighted and leaflet was submitted to project manager Prof.Wolfgang Kainz of ITC.
·       Taking part on the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Steering Committee Meeting, hosted by the St.John’s College, University of Cambridge on July 18,1999
Steering Committee members are:
P.Holland (Australia),D.Clarke (South Africa), Jane Patterson (USA), S.Borrero-Mutis (Columbia), M.Brand (Northern Ireland), D.Clarke (Australia), D.Coleman (Canada)
J.Estes (USA), Yang Kai (China), M.Kidokoro (Japan), B.Kok (Netherlands), I.Masser (UK), R.McLaren (UK), .McLaughlin (Canada), D.McKellar (Canada), J.Moeller (USA), G.Remetey-Fülöpp (Hungary), D.Rhind (UK), F.Salgé (France), J.Wächter (Germany), D.Robertson (Australia)
·       Participation of the Cambridge Conference by HUNAGI member FÖMI (Sz.Mihály), leading the “Workshop  on Training” by HUNAGI core representative Prof.B.Márkus on July 22, 1999
·       Participation of the UNISPACE III Conference sessions devoted to Earth Observations in Vienna, July 22-24,1999
·       Panel-GI study tour at the DG JRC, Ispra (t.b.c)
·       Support and active participation of the Conference on Agricultural Informatics, Debrecen, 26 August, 1999 hosted by DATE, member of HUNAGI
·       HUNAGI was represented at the EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting held in Marne la Vallée on September 9, 1999
·       Panel GI Workshop on National GI Infrastructure at the 9th National GIS Conference in Szolnok, September, 24-26, 1999. The workshop was attended by the majority of the 340 overall registered participants. At the Conference six ministries and other governmental agencies were represented by Under-secretary level or higher. The Panel GI Workshop was chaired by director Emanuele Roccatagliata (GISIG) and Secretary General Christian Chenez (EUROGI). The following invited papers were represented:
·       Ch.Chenez (EUROGI):  The EGII
·       Zs.Sikolya (PMO):  Basic elements of the Hungarian Spatial Data Information
·       L.Niklasz: Role of the Hungarian Land Administration in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure
·       Gyula Szabó: Role and tasks of the Mapping Agency of the Military Mapping Agency
·       Szabolcs Mihály: FÖMI's role and tasks in the National Programme for the adoption of the Acquis Communautaire, Chapter Agriculture
·       Tamás Palya et al: PANEL- GI projekt  management
·       Béla Márkus: The role of PANEL-GI in the knowledge transfer
·       Vilmos Bognár ABDS CEEC as one of the base service of the Regional, cross-country infrastructure
·       Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp: GSDI from the Hungarian perspective
·       Promotion for GeoBIT - multimedia presentation given by the German organisers
·       The National PANEL-GI Workshop in Romania was attended by K.Tóth of FÖMI. HUNAGI’s contribution was introduced by Ms.Angela Ionita
·       Conference on “GIS in Higher Education”. Topics: Panel GI Workpackage 2 promotion with Prof..B.Márkus., Budapest October 20-21 hosted by the University of Horticulture, Budapest organised by HUNAGI member HUNGIS Foundation (R .Berencei).
·       HUNAGI President M.Havass and HUNGIS managing director R.Berencei as well as G.Apagyi of MARD took part the 4th GIS Workshop in Cluj organised by HUNAGI member Dennis Gabor Foundation, October, 1999
·       FIG Commission 3 Conference on Spatial Information Management  organised by HUNAGI members FÖMI and SE CSLM (Sz.Mihály and Prof.Béla Márkus) October 22-23, 1999.
·       EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting held in Marne la Vallée October 29, 1999
·       HUNAGI leaflet was presented and submitted at the International Symposium on Spectral Sensing Research (ISSSR) organised by the US Army TEC GIS/Remote Sensing Center and the ISPRS Working Group VII/1 in Las Vegas, November 1-4, 1999. TEC Director Dr.William E. Roper and ISPRS Commission VII President G.Remetey-Fülöpp opened the event. The event was participated by 117 experts of 11 countries. By recommendation, two contributions of FÖMI (member of HUNAGI) submitted by Gábor Csornai et al have been accepted for the poster exhibition and will be included in the final Symposium document (available on CD later). The applications highlighted the Hungarian operational countrywide crop monitoring and yield estimation, as well as  the waterlog monitoring featuring integrated use of remote sensing and GIS.

·       International Workshop on Land Consolidation and Rural Development. Organised by MARD-BML/TAMA-FAO Budapest, December 6-7,  1999
·       ISPRS Council and Joint C&TP Meeting in Eger, Hungary April 5-10, 2000 hosted by HUNAGI member MFTTT (Prof.Ákos Detrekői). On April 7: State of the Art in Selected Developments and Applications of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Lectures given by the Officers of  ISPRS. Budapest.
·       GIS and Education. International conference hosted by CSLM of the Sopron University (member of HUNAGI) (Prof.B.Márkus). September 7-10, 2000


Zsolt Sikolya - Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp: HUNGARY SETS NATIONAL SPATIAL DATA STRATEGY. In: OIS Newsletter, Office Intergovernmental Solutions, Office of Government-wide Policy, US General Services Administration, Washington DC. October, 1998
This continuously updated leaflet is accessible for participants of major domestic and international conferences, workshops, symposia, open days, expert meetings and seminars related to Geo-Information in association with HUNAGI members and/or officers.
Some of them are as follow: EUROGI General Assembly and Executive Committee Meetings, GSDI Conferences, events organised by European Institutions (DG JRC, DG III, DG VI, DG XIII, EUROSTAT), GISIG Projects Expert Meetings (Well-GIS, PANEL-GI), INFO2000 ESMI Project Expert Meetings, ISPRS events, FIG Commission 3 events, UN ECE MOLA/WPLA as well as FAO events,  EC GIS Workshops, ISSSR symposia, World Bank Workshops etc. Suggestions, comments and addendums are welcomed. (The Editor)
C:\WINNT\Profiles\Remetey\Asztal\Hunagi1112.doc 12/11/99 15:02

Action / Project
Prime actor(s)
National Spatial Data Strategy
Prime Minister’s Office
Draft completed by expert group coordinated by HUNGIS Foundation and KPMG Hungary
National Cadastral Program
Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (MARD)
Implementation phase
National Topographic Program
Mapping Agency of the Home Defence Forces
In co-operation with DLM MARD
Detailed documents submitted  for approval
A Phare project proposal has been prepared by MARD called “LISARD”  for supporting CAP IACS having NTP elements.
Geographic Address Register
Prime Minister’s Office
Drafting phase by multidisciplinary task force group

Administrative Boundary Database
MARD Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI)
Implementation phase, refinement in cross-border co-operation supported by the European Commission
National Spatial Data Clearinghouse and Metadata Service
Prime Minister’s Office
METATÉR and FISH projects
Launched in harmony with ESMI
Aerial Survey of Hungary
Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development in co-operation with Ministry of Home Defence Forces, National Committee for Technological Development
Just tendered by the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI)
Multipurpose Parcel Based Information System
Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development
Definition Phase draft completed
Phare project proposal “LISARD” for  supporting CAP IACS

Some key projects related to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Hungary"

Az akkori beszámolóból az is kiderül, kik kapták kézhez a HUNAGI információs anyagát. Az eseményen felkért előadás is elhangzott a hazai helyzetről:
In co-operation with DG JRC, a Workshop on Data Policy was organised and hosted by Anton Wolfkamp, Secretary General of EUROGI (former regional director of the Dutch Kadastre) in Amersfoort on 15th November 1999. For the closed-shop workshop the following experts were invited: DG XIII Unit for information dissemination and filtering (Martin Littlejohn), EUROGI (President Ian Masser), DG JRC (SAI Director J.Meyer-Roux and A.Annoni), EUROSTAT (GISCO- D.Rase), GEIXS (Richard Annells), CERCO WG1 (Laila Aslesen), Austria (AGEO-Josef Strobl), Belgium (CC- J.de Smet), United Kingdom (AGI-Chris Corbin), France (Pascal Chambon, Bertrand du Marais), Germany(DDGI-J.Waechter, BZD-F.Hoffmann), Hungary (HUNAGI-G.Remetey-Fülöpp), Ireland (IRLOGI-Krysia Rybaczuk) Italy (TCC-Luigi diBello), The Netherlands (RAVI-Bas Kok, J.Berends) and Portugal (CNIG-R.Goncalves Henriques). As invited speaker, G.Remetey delivered a lecture on the Hungarian data policy situation prepared in co-authorship with Zs.Sikolya of the Office of the Prime Minister using references provided by P.Kardevan of the Geological Institute of Hungary.
The national report highlighted the following aspects as it was  requested:
·       Basic facts about the country: population, area, distribution of administrative responsibilities between central, regional and local government etc.
·       Who are the main providers of geographic information: eg. role played by cadastre, national mapping agency, national statistical institute etc.
·       The institutional context of national geographic information policy: eg. policies relating to access and dissemination, legal protection etc
·       Elements of national spatial data infrastructure: eg. mechanism for coordinating national policy, provision of core data sets, development of national metadata services etc.
·       Current burning issues under discussion: eg future of national mapping agency, freedom of information legislation."

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